2012 Stouffville Santa Claus Parade

Every year, the first Saturday of December, a town in Ontario, Stouffville, host their annual Santa Claus Parade.  The temperature was about -8 degree celsius(C) in the morning, it warmed up to 3C by midday.  No rain or snow, instead it was a dry cloudy day.  However, it did not stop anyone from coming out to celebrate one of the biggest event in the Town of Stouffville.

This is my first year participate in this parade, volunteered as an unofficial photographer with the Stouffville Kinsman Club.  They are also the host of this event, responsible for the float which carried the most important person of this event – Santa.  This parade is sponsored by the town and local business, from hospital, real estate offices, restaurants and many more.

This parade is little different than the Santa Claus parade you see in other major city, Toronto for example.  Most of the float are prepared the day of the event, by local families on their drive way, using their skills and creativity.  Unlike the one you see in downtown Toronto, they may cost millions of dollars and takes years to prepare.

The parade run along Main St, some spectators can enjoy the parade in the comfort of their own home or business.

After all, it was a safe and successful event, everyone was having a good time.

Crew member preparing the Santa float on this chilly early Saturday morning.

Friends and families are preparing their float on their driveway.

A beautiful smile from the Stouffville Dance Club.  (I forgot to ask for her name, please leave me your name if you see this)

Crew lining up for the parade

Santa arrived

A local business sponsor – Royal Lepage Your community Realty


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Lee - September 24, 2013 - 10:35 am

Hi! The smiling dancer is Emily, from the Stouffville Academy of Music & Dance. :)


San Francisco

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The first city I have visited in California is San Francisco.  This city is very unique compared to other American cities I’ve visited, the steep hills, historic cable cars and the different designs of streetcars from all over the world.  The weather in SF can be quite cold at times, the wind coming from the bay area can lower the temperature by a few degrees, especially at night time.  A thin jacket may be a smart choice.  Luckily, I did not experience any of the gloomy and foggy weather that I have been hearing about from the locals.

You will not feel hungry in SF, varieties of food are available everywhere.  Fisherman Wharf is famous for it seafood and don’t forget to try the clam chowder in sour dough bowl at Boudin Bakery.   If you’re a sandwiches fan, Ike’s place is a place you must visit, it’s located in Castro (follow the rainbow flag).   They have over 50+ sandwiches for you to choose from, if you’re planning to visit Ike’s,  I suggest you study the menu beforehand as they only show their popular menu items in store.    You can also find a variety of Japanese cuisine in the Japan Center, they have a good selection of sushi, ramen noodles, teppanyaki, Japanese sweet and more.

A popular tourist attraction is Alcatraz (aka The rock).   It was a US federal maximum security prison in the 1960s, where they detained the most dangerous prisoners at the time, Al Capone was one of the prisoners who stayed at Alcatraz.  Due to the high maintenance costs,  the prison was forced to close down in 1960.  It is approximately a 10 minute ferry ride to the Alcatraz island, the price of the ferry includes admission to the prison and audio tour.    I was very lucky to meet one of the former inmates from Alcatraz, Robert Luke.   A 25 years old bank robber who tried to escape from prison, he was caught and transfered to Alcatraz.   He wrote a book about his life and shared some of his stories during the downtime of his life.





My first visit to Iceland was at May 2011.  Iceland is much different than an ordinary European city, majority of the population are tourists from all over the world.  Iceland is full of natural beauty, volcano, waterfalls, geyser just to name a few.   The 22 hrs of daylight allow us to so much more for the 10 days trip.   A taste of whale and dolphin meat was a new experience, however, the rotten taste of shark meat was one thing I would never forget.    Lamb was one of the affordable item on the menu in Iceland, I must admit the lamb in Iceland taste amazing compare to those in North America.

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Asian Hockey Championship


The AHC & CE is an annual event that is dedicated to promoting hockey in the East Asian community. We are one of the world’s largest East AsianHockey tournaments, and the event has been running for 22 years. In 2010 we had 30 men’s teams, 4 women’s teams, and 6 children’s teams. The event included 600+ hockey players, 1200 fans, family and friends, and continues to grow bigger each year. The skill level of players ranges from Recreational to Competitive, and players travel from all over Canada, the US and even East Asia to join us each year. The hockey tournament includes children as young as 6 years old, to grandparents in their 60’s playing in a safe and fun environment.

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